Former FBI agent in KC sees no bias in Strzok's conduct, or in his firing

Marc LaVoie
August 14, 2018 - 6:18 am



Few analysts were surprised to hear that longtime FBI agent Peter Strzok was fired over his anti-Trump messages that he sent to a girlfriend during the presidential election.

Former FBI agent and local security expert Michael Tabman told KMBZ that during his time as an agent, another president was in the crosshairs of federal investigators. 

"During the Clinton era I can tell you people hated Bill Clinton and anything Clinton, yet the FBI was investigating Whitewater," Tabman said. "With all that, I never suspected anybody was going to allow their political animus toward the Clintons to affect how they performed their investigations."

But Strzok's conduct was unwise, said Tabman, owner of Spirit Asset Protection.

"You don't express that kind of bias, even in private conversations, especially on FBI equipment," Tabman said. "I always throught that he and his friend, the attorney, should have, at a certain point, said look, we should come clean, recuse ourselves."

Legal experts say since Strzok was removed from Mueller's investigation more than a year ago, his dismissal will have little impact on leads and evidence. 

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