Flu impacts both students and teachers in KC Metro school districts

Jim Cunningham
February 07, 2018 - 6:31 am

Kansas City, MO - The flu epidemic continues, creating problems with several local school districts and not just among the students.

Finding substitutes for sick teachers has not been easy.

Kelly Services provides substitute teachers for the North Kansas City and Shawnee Mission school districts. The company says the flu has affected 30 to 40 percent of their pool of qualified teachers or their dependents. 

The states of Kansas and Missouri have some of the highest infection rates in the country. The Center for Disease Control reported elevated rates of influenza in the past week in 51 of the 54 regions it tracks. The flu has been a factor in the deaths of at least 53 children.

Flu numbers began to pick up in recent weeks in the North Kansas City School District, according to Dana Fifer. "In the middle of January through today, cases have definitely increased, however we are in flu season, so it's not anything out of our five-year median," Fifer said.

Shelby Rebeck, Health Services Coordinator for the Shawnee Mission Schools, says infections are also spiking in her district.

"We've got a couple of schools that have reached 10 percent of their student population out with flu-like symptoms, but one of those already went down," Rebeck said. 



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