From fenders to foreheads, car-wrap experts bring smiles to babies and their families

E.J. & Ellen's Person of the Week: Chris Ripper and the team at Chux Trux

E.J. Becker
September 14, 2017 - 3:45 pm

Our person of the week: Chris Ripper.

He's taken the lead to help brighten the lives of infants who suffer from Plagiocephaly.

That's a common condition that results in a flat spot on a baby's head. If it doesn't self correct by age 4 months, the child dons a molded helmet.

And that's where Chris Ripper, and the company he works for, comes in. Chris is a manager at Chux Trux in Independence.

One day, an employee mentioned his son needed to wear a helmet.  

So they wrapped the helmet in vinyl, a design just like they do with cars and trucks and more.

The idea took off.

The idea caught fire, so Chux Trux sent an employee to a school to learn how to really wrap the helmets.  There's quite the skill involved. Chris says it's like wrapping a bowling ball.

Now, they have a number of designs available to parents and their babies.

And, they're all done for free. 


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