Federal agents announce large fentanyl bust in KCK

Marc LaVoie
May 08, 2019 - 4:32 am

Darwin Brandis - iStock - Getty Images Plus


A DEA investigation led to the massive seizure of 1,500 fentanyl pills that are disguised as oxycodone.

Court records show agents made several arrests and confiscated guns.

Fentanyl is well-known to be a very dangerous drug because of its extreme potency. The fact that the pills are made to look like another medication make them especially hazardous. 

"The risk for overdose is extremely high," said Erik Smith, Assistant Special DEA Agent in Charge. "The person who consumes those drugs, likely to feed an addiction, doesn't even know what they're taking."

Agents arrested Robert White, Rocky Pavon-Millan, Aldo Pavon-Millan and Jose Sanchez.

An undercover agent reportedly set up a buy for a pound of meth. When the alleged carriers came to the meeting spot, a shopping center in Kansas City, Kansas near18th Street and Interstate 70, a DEA team was waiting.

"They're showing up with poison, and they're armed, and they're prepared to kill to defend their trade," Smith said.

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