Sick at work? It may be your office building's fault

Rebecca Crockett
March 04, 2019 - 5:00 am

Kansas City, MO - Those ill symptoms you're experiencing at work may have nothing to do with the typical illnesses this time of year.

If you feel sick when you're at work, it may be the office building you work in.

It's called "sick building syndrome", and it's real, says to Dr Steve Stites with the University of Kansas Health System.

He says if several people in your building have reported being sick, it's time to speak up. 

Dr Stites advises employees to visit their primary care doctor and report their symptoms to HR.

If employers are aware of the number of people ill, the type of symptoms their experiencing, and can find patterns, it might narrow the search for the cause of the issues. 

"There's a broad range of symptoms that could be caused by anything, from indoor air pollution to bad carpet," explains Dr Stites. "An employer can do air sampling to try to identify the cause and can categorize complaints to help identify zones."

Though the syndrome can happen in any workplace, it's more common in buildings built in the 1970's due to the air-tight building construction during the energy crisis. 


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