Vacation shaming is a thing, and it keeps people from taking time off

Rebecca Crockett
March 11, 2019 - 8:21 pm

Kansas City, MO - You've earned the time off, but according to a study, 47% of American workers won't be taking their vacation.

Part of the reason is due to a rise in vacation shaming, and you've probably experienced it where you work.

It can be your boss or even another employee that discourages you or puts pressure on you to not take your vacation time. 

JoAnne Weeks with Acendas Travel says not to let the negative comments get to you. She explains that times have changed, and so has the necessity to get away.

"Back when I was young, vacations were seen as a privilege, and now it's definitely a necessity just to stay sane," says Weeks.

She explains that stepping away and getting recharged can bring new appreciation."US employees are overworked these days and tend to be workaholics," says Weeks "Taking time to get away is beneficial to your body and mind, giving you a chance to recharge."

"My Mom started me traveling, and she can't travel anymore," says Weeks. "So, those are the memories I have that I'll never forget. Those are the memories." 

Vacation shaming is a bad idea and not getting the time you need only builds resentment and retention problems.

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