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Kansas City, MO - Patrick Mahomes, recently named as the NFL's MVP, has found a home in many hearts this season, and thanks to Hallmark Cards Inc., you can celebrate his "monumental season" by bringing home official Mahomes-licensed ornaments and plush toys.

A ceramic disk ornament is...Read more

Prison Bars

Kansas City, MO - The ACLU of Missouri is interested in speaking with family members, loved ones and friends of those who have died while incarcerated in Missouri jails or prisons. 

"They have concerns. We have seen an increase in the last two years. And I would say, we have seen...Read more

Man drinking water

Kansas City, MO- So, you over indulged on the Super Bowl snacks, drank to much alcohol, or maybe even both. Now you're paying for it the morning after. 

Regardless of what your Super Bowl festivities left you with this morning, Bethany Frazier, registered dietitian and owner of Kansas City...Read more

US Toy got it's start in 1953 out of Elvin Kline and Frances Gershon's living room at their home off of Troost.

Elvin, a toy salesman and Frances, a school teacher, combined their passion to create US Toy and Constructive Play Things. 

CEO Seth Freiden is the third generation of his...Read more

Kansas City, KS-There's a new program launching in Johnson County Kansas to help folks reverse their march toward developing type-2 diabetes. 

Pre-Diabetes is a condition where blood sugars are high, but not high enough to be type-2 diabetes, at least not high enough yet.

Karen...Read more

Kansas City, MO - The polar vortex sweeping into Kansas City is cause for concern among pet owners.

No pet is safe when it comes to these cold temps, if left unprotected.

Kansas City, MO - The freezing temperatures are bound to cause issues with moisture settling into places like doors, mirrors and your door locks. Phil Link with AAA says there's a few simple tricks using products around the house. 

He says if you spray WD-40 into your lock cylinders, it...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Due to the biggest tax law change in history, everyone is going to see the difference when filing taxes this year.

CPA Peter Newman says the biggest change is in itemization due to the increase in standardized deductions.

"When we talk about itemized deductions now...Read more

 ST. LOUIS (AP) - A protest forced a large suburban St. Louis shopping mall to close for an hour on one of the year's busiest shopping days, and renewed concerns by protest leaders about how police handle demonstrations.

   Protesters marched Friday at the St. Louis Galleria mall. Richmond...Read more

A flood watch has been issued by The National Weather Service until Sunday morning at 7am.  The NWS issued the following statement

The forecast remains on track with a potentially significant flash flooding event through Sunday morning. Initial thunderstorm...Read more