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Kansas City, MO - The University of Kansas Health System announced its planning to build a Proton Therapy Center in Kansas City. There is currently only 29 centers across the country with this technology, most of those on the east coast. 

President and CEO, Bob Page says that...Read more

Kansas City, MO - The recent sex trafficking bust involving Patriots owner Robert Kraft is nothing new, says Lucy Bloom, executive director of Veronica's Voice.

Bloom says illicit massage parlors are a problem across the nation and...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Chronic wasting disease, recently called by some as "deer zombification disease," due to the nature of the symptoms, has been found in a variety of deer and elk populations in 24 states including Kansas and Missouri.

The disease affects the animal's central nervous system...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Eating healthy isn't just about looking good. There's a direct relationship between the food you eat and your mood.

"Even if you don't see the physical effects of eating too much fast food, you probably feel it, thanks to the high fat content in fast food. It increases...Read more

Kansas City, MO - If you receive a postcard warning that your car warranty is about to expire, or an envelope that reads "Urgent: Time Sensitive Material enclosed".... there's a good chance it's a scam.

A mailer going around the metro that says "Vehicle Alert Notice" in big red letters,...Read more

Baldwin City, KS - The small Kansas town has been lacking in gathering spots for youth in the community,  according to 133 Coffee co-owner, Maggie Swanson. 

She says they started the shop in hopes of providing a space for young people in the area to gather and build community.

The...Read more

Kansas City, MO - The Museum of Good Vibes is a unique concept that's popped up in Westport.

 Inspired by pop-ups on the West Coast, founder and creative director Courtney Callegary thought it was something Kansas City was missing.

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Flat tire

Kansas City, MO - It's pothole season, and anyone who has been on the roads has likely experienced a bump in the road. Potholes are popping up all over, causing flat tires and other issues. 

"It's due to rapid freezing and thawing along with wet weather," says Mike Right, with the Missouri...Read more

Kansas City, MO -  A Ruderman Family Foundation study found that for the third year in a row, more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty.

Last August a bill for peer counseling was passed in hopes of changing those numbers, according to Brad Lemon, President at Kansas...Read more

School bus with snow

Kansas City, MO - It's a winter like we haven't seen in a few years, and the snow and ice have kept kids out of school quite a bit. 

Blue Valley, has had five days off so far, they should know next week what the plans are.

In Shawnee Mission, they've had five days as well.

"It'...Read more