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Kansas City, MO - Fred Tatum is a veteran of the Korean war, and a widower of 20 plus years. He used to run large construction jobs, and spent a lifetime building homes for other people. Now, Tatum is in danger of losing his own home, built by his own two hands.

Idris Raoufi met Tatum ...Read more

WASHINGTON (AP) — Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday turned over his long-awaited final report on the contentious Russia investigation, ending a probe that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump's presidency with no new charges but launching a fresh wave of political battles over the...Read more

Columbia, MO - Women on the University of Missouri campus are exchanging sugar for money, and not the sweet kind. "sugar babies" are young adults who seek relationships with "sugar daddies," older men that are financially stable. 

Their goal is to pay off student loan debts that they can't...Read more

Kansas City, MO - With prom and graduation just around the corner, students have a lot of celebrating to do, but too much celebration could land teens in a lot of trouble.

When it comes to minors and drinking, sometimes parents can be part of the problem. When they invite teens to drink in...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Women who wanted 3D mammograms in the past, had to pay an additional $30 to $50. At the start of the new year, that fee went away. 

Dr. Onalisa Winblab with the University of Kansas Health System says it's the newest technology and it has two major benefits. 

"3D...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Smiles can make us all feel better. Numerous studies have found that smiling produces the feel-good hormones in your brain, even if it's a fake smile.

Orthodontist Dr. James Reynolds says smiles release serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, all the hormones we put in happy...Read more

Independence, MO - The Independence Police Department is introducing Josie, a two-year-old golden retriever/border collie mix, as their first ever certified therapy dog. 

The dog, donated by the nonprofit K9s For Freedom &...Read more

Kansas City, MO - You've earned the time off, but according to a study, 47% of American workers won't be taking their vacation.

Part of the reason is due to a rise in vacation...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Our long suffering winter may soon be coming to an end.

Iatan, MO - This small village just a few miles up Highway 45 from Weston, Missouri used to be a bustling port town alongside the Missouri River.

Iatan was a steamboat stop and a regular train stop, but flooding in 1881 moved the course of the river west, and businesses moved as well....Read more