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Kansas City, MO - Picking out the first car for your teen is never easy, they want it to look cool, you want it to be safe and reliable, and then the hunt begins, looking for something that will make everyone happy. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recommends larger, heavier vehicles,...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Jilian Hunt's daughter was in the first grade when she was diagnosed with celiac, an auto-immune disease triggered by a protein found in gluten. That means no more sandwiches, cake, or french toast...at least not in the same way...Read more

Kansas City, MO - A survey released by Bankrate says nearly half of Americans won't be taking vacation this year, and the reason might surprise you. The majority say they just can't afford it, but 22% are...Read more

Riverside, MO - Mathew Silvius is a veterinarian and owner of Eagle Animal Hospital. He grew up on a farm, just 30 minutes North of Kansas City, and was always surrounded by animals, but it was the challenge of becoming a vet that inspired him to go for it. He says once he figured out how...Read more

Kansas City, MO - A party bus could be a fun transportation option for prom or any other event, but there's a few thing you need to know to ensure your kids are safe. The first, is to make sure your renting the bus from a reputable company that's fully licensed and insured. 

Jonathan Daily...Read more

Gladstone, MO - There is some 'girl power' behind the counter, and back in the shop, at a decades-old family-owned lawnmower business in this Northland city. 

Emma and Sarah Martin, sisters, work at AAA Lawnmower Sales and Service. Emma, 20, is behind the counter, and Sarah, 29, is the...Read more

Kansas City, MO - The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says if you were born between 1963 and 1967 and received the vaccination, you may not be protected from the virus. The vaccine was first introduced in 1963 with two versions, and one of the versions didn't actually protect against...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Sydney Haefs is a ballet dancer, training with Kansas City Ballet Second Company. The day in day out of her job includes a full day of classes and rehearsals. The journey to get here started when she was just three years...Read more

Merriam, KS - In early March, Whitney Crowder and her family were visiting the Kansas City area from Omaha and made a stop at Miriam's IKEA store.Crowder has two four year old sons, and only one of them was excepted into...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Angela Myers is the Division Director of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Children's Mercy Hospital. Her journey to becoming a doctor started when she was in the sixth grade. Myers always knew two things: she loved...Read more