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Kansas City, MO - There are words we use regularly, but they might be starting to get a derogative meaning. We all know what the r-word is, and that we shouldn't use it. Words like crazy and insane are starting to have the same impact. Joe Thorne, Clinical Coordinator with Advent Health says...Read more

Kansas City, MO - It's the words that no family want to hear, Alzheimer's disease. One in three over the age of 85 are suffering right now. So, when it comes to love ones understanding what to say, and what not say to someone with memory loss, it can be a challenge. Dr Jeffrey Burns, co-director...Read more

Edgerton, KS - It's like ocean front property in Edgerton, Kansas.

That's how CNBC featured Logistics Park Kansas City, this week as part of its 2019 Top States for Business special report. Part of the 13-million square foot...Read more

NEW YORK (AP) - Some of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers say they're encouraged he's been charged with sex trafficking. The 66-year-old Epstein pleaded not guilty Monday in his first court appearance following his weekend arrest. He will remain in jail at least until his July 15 bail hearing. Epstein'...Read more

Kansas City, MO - It was nearly two years ago that Jerry Wilkinson suffered a heart attack why delivering mail on his rout. Thanks to the quick action of the fire department, where he stopped to rest, he's here today. But the medical issues keep coming and with that, the mounting medical debt....Read more

Kansas City, MO - It's in the news, on our social media pages and on the streets of our city. Just this last week, 24 people in Independence Missouri were arrested with connections to human trafficking. Geoffrey Arbuckle, President of...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Starting July first, the Kansas City Public Library will no longer charge overdue fines, and are forgiving all previous fines. Talia Evans with the Kansas City Public Library says they were holding people back from learning.

"We are very well aware that overdue fines, as...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Denise Bichel was passionate about plants, and offering education of their healing properties. That's why she started Life Thyme Botanicals on Belton's Main Street 16 years ago. After several bouts with cancer, Bichel passed away in 2015 from breast cancer, but her husband and...Read more

Overland Park, KS - It's part art museum, part photo opportunity, and this experience is teaching guests a new way to interact with art.

Wonder Wonder is an art installation museum that brings in local KC Metro...Read more

Kansas City, MO - There's nothing like Summertime, the kids splashing in the pool, late nights filled with laughter around the fire pit, and exploring nature. Unfortunately, that also means sunburns, bug bites, and poison ivy. 

Dr Dan Aires, head of dermatology with The University of...Read more