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Kansas City, MO - Starting July first, the Kansas City Public Library will no longer charge overdue fines, and are forgiving all previous fines. Talia Evans with the Kansas City Public Library says they were holding people back from learning.

"We are very well aware that overdue fines, as...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Denise Bichel was passionate about plants, and offering education of their healing properties. That's why she started Life Thyme Botanicals on Belton's Main Street 16 years ago. After several bouts with cancer, Bichel passed away in 2015 from breast cancer, but her husband and...Read more

Overland Park, KS - It's part art museum, part photo opportunity, and this experience is teaching guests a new way to interact with art.

Wonder Wonder is an art installation museum that brings in local KC Metro...Read more

Kansas City, MO - There's nothing like Summertime, the kids splashing in the pool, late nights filled with laughter around the fire pit, and exploring nature. Unfortunately, that also means sunburns, bug bites, and poison ivy. 

Dr Dan Aires, head of dermatology with The University of...Read more

Blue Springs, MO - A new inclusive playground and Splash pad opens at Burrus Old Mill Park in Blue Springs. Jill Moore, an inclusion specialist for Landscape Structures, who worked with the city to create the play space, says it's really all about providing something for everyone. 

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Kansas City, MO - AileyCamp is a six week summer dance camp created to give youth an opportunity to learn life skills through dance that wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity.

Monica Stoneking with Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey says the youth are learning all different kinds of dance...Read more

Kansas City, MO - The flooding problem doesn't seem to be going away and whether you're a victim of the flooding or a volunteer that's been exposed to the water, Jackson County health officials are warning people to get their tetanus shots. Dr. Dana Hawkinson, an infectious disease physician...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Over half of the country has consider living tiny, that's a home less than 600 square feet, according to a survey done by the National Association of Home Builders. And the...Read more

Kansas City, MO - Memories are the one thing that your kids will carry with them when they leave the nest. Instead of putting money towards that next video game or those expensive shoes, experts say you're better off spending money on a vacation. Kathy Sudeikis with Acendas Travel says it's...Read more

Kansas City, MO - For the middle-aged man, a midlife crisis isn't unusual. The sports car, a new image, a major home renovation, but there's startling findings from the Institute of Fiscal Studies that say suicide rates and substance abuse are on the increase when it comes to this group. 

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