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Kansas City, MO - Gone our the days of the neighborhood paperboy, as technology ushers in a new way for teens to make money. Many adults remember waking up before sunrise to deliver papers door to door, but technology has made first jobs like that a thing of the past. 

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Kansas City, MO - There may be a nationwide teacher shortage, but there's a few incentives to help fill the gap. It's hitting harder in some areas more than others, specifically in science, math, and in special education. Monica Landess, talent acquisition and performance manager with Kansas...Read more

Leavenworth, KS - Erected in 1887, The Depot served passenger and freight trains for nearly a century. It's now a restaurant and on the National Register of Historic Places.

And it's reportedly haunted. 

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Shawnee Mission, KS -  A Shawnee Mission South junior sets an example of how adding an "A" to STEM education benefits learning. Katie Swan conducted a science experiment collecting data from door knobs around her high school for biology class. A picture she took, featuring multiple petri dishes...Read more

North Kansas City, MO - The Iron District is like a grassroots version of the Las Vegas Downtown Container Park.

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Kansas City, MO - The 80's gave us totally tubular, and "gag me with a spoon." The 90's,"as if" and "you're all that and a bag of chips," but if you're having trouble keeping up with today's lingo, maybe this will help. We asked a few adults to decode these popular phrases. 

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Olathe, KS - It's an older home converted into a bakery, supply retail shop, and event space. Three T Bakery opened just two weeks ago, but the cookie creations that Rebecca Liotta has created, according to her customers, are nothing...Read more

Raytown, MO - Raytown school district is offering an after school meal program, categorized as the Missouri Health and Senior Services Supper Program. Dr Tim Young, director of food services with Raytown Schools says the goal is to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. 

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Kansas City, MO - The problem is not just in the Midwest, as the aging population grows, the struggle to hire and keep personal care providers does too. Over a decade ago, officials warned of the problem, and now with a 54% turnover rate, it's being called an epidemic. 

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Kansas City, MO - It was around this time last year that the City entered into interim operating agreements with Bird and Lime scooter companies with a focus on safety. To date, Kansas City Fire Deputy Chief...Read more