Raytown schools filling the gap after the school day ends

Rebecca Crockett
August 16, 2019 - 4:00 am

Sonja Rachbauer/Getty


Raytown, MO - Raytown school district is offering an after school meal program, categorized as the Missouri Health and Senior Services Supper Program. Dr Tim Young, director of food services with Raytown Schools says the goal is to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. 

"We've got students involved in a multitude of enrichment activities and things after school, or traveling to things after school," says Dr Young. 

There's a meal available for every student at every Raytown school. The meals are cold, with a different sandwich every day of the week, along with a fruit, vegetable, and a milk. Their provided in bags with handles on them. 

Dr Young says the kids aren't leaving much behind either. They continue to analyze the need and provide quality products to eliminate as much waist as possible.

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