An Olathe bakery offering a hands-on experience

Rebecca Crockett
August 19, 2019 - 4:00 am

Three T Bakery


Olathe, KS - It's an older home converted into a bakery, supply retail shop, and event space. Three T Bakery opened just two weeks ago, but the cookie creations that Rebecca Liotta has created, according to her customers, are nothing short of amazing. Even more amazing is how she got her start in the cookie business.

"My daughter wanted customized cookies for her volley ball team to match her jerseys. I was like, oh my goodness, how am I going to do that," explains Liotta.

After some intense Pinterest searches and YouTube training, Liotta has become quit the cookie artist, but at Three T Bakery, you can take classes to become your own cookie artist, or use the event space to host your own cookie party. She says it's the perfect location to host a princess tea party. 

"I supply the vintage tea sets, and then we will decorate cookies, and they have a craft part where they can make necklaces or princess crowns," says Liotta.

She offers a variety of themes, including cars and dinosaurs. She says they can make mud clomper cookies or rock candy as an option. Liotta says it's also a great space to hold wedding and baby showers. 

Liotta has every cookie cutter shape you can imagine, but if she doesn't, she has a 3D printer where you can customize what you're looking for. She says her goal is to supply every cookie cutter known to man.

Three T Bakery also has a retail shop. Liotta says she had a hard time finding cookie supplies in the metro and often had to order them online. She offers a variety of decorating tools and supplies in store. 

As we move into the Holiday season, Three T Bakery will be hosting special classes starting August 31st and pre-ordering options. 

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