Mizzou on the top 10 list for "sugar babies"

KMBZ News Staff
March 21, 2019 - 8:50 pm

Columbia, MO - Women on the University of Missouri campus are exchanging sugar for money, and not the sweet kind. "sugar babies" are young adults who seek relationships with "sugar daddies," older men that are financially stable. 

Their goal is to pay off student loan debts that they can't pay for on their own. Local relationship guru Timmy Gibson, has had a fair share of clients looking for this service. 

"I've had a lot of female clients that have told me, "I get hit up quite a bit on Instagram and on social media," "Are you interested in being my sugar baby? I'll be your sugar daddy, I'll take care of you,"" Gibson explains.

Some "sugar daddies" even going as far as to buy houses for young women.

One man, according to Gibson, pays for a condo in the city where his "sugar baby" lives, providing for all her expenses. 

Dating website, Seeking Arrangements, has unveiled its list of schools with the most “sugar babies.”  The University of Missouri ranks 10th on the list, with the number of "sugar babies" on Mizzou's campus at 542.

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