Meet Zoom, a disaster dog working for the KCK fire department

Rebecca Crockett
March 26, 2019 - 7:50 pm

KCKFD Facebook


Kansas City, KS - Zoom is a two and a half year old yellow lab. He's been donated to the fire department through Ground Zero Training, a non profit group out of Oklahoma.

He's specially trained as a disaster dog and Mike Searcy, his K-9 handler with the KCK Fire Department, says his job is to find lost or trapped live human victims.  

"Zoom locates their scent and narrows it to a small area, and then he'll give a continuous barking alert until I arrive there to reward him,” says Searcy.

He fits in well at home and at the station, explains Searcy. "He's very calm, relaxed, and laid-back, but he has the ability to flip the switch when it's time to get to work. He will work until he can't anymore."

Zoom may have a big job, but when he's home, he can play a mean game of hide and seek with Searcy's five year old son. 

He's the first of his kind in the Metro, but he's part of several trained K-9s in Kansas and Missouri that can be utilized in case of a large scale disaster.

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