A Leavenworth restaurant serves up soul food and stories of hauntings

Rebecca Crockett
August 27, 2019 - 4:00 am

The Depot/Mike Nachbar


Leavenworth, KS - Erected in 1887, The Depot served passenger and freight trains for nearly a century. It's now a restaurant and on the National Register of Historic Places.

And it's reportedly haunted. 

Mike Nachbar, an award-winning chef, opened the restaurant in 2015 with his wife Mary.

He says there are rumors of a small child pressing his hand on the window leaving fingerprints behind. 

"And another one is of an old man who sits on the bench in the hallway smoking a cigar, and at times you can smell cigar smoke. It's really kinda strange," says Mike.

When he smells a cigar, Mike says he runs out to see if anyone is smoking and never finds anyone.

The building is connected to the Underground Railroad, and has become a stop on the Leavenworth ghost tour.

Other people have reported hearing disembodied voices, having their hair pulled, and Mike says the night before they opened a picture fell off the wall, and the nail was pulled out. 



Beyond the ghost stires, The Depot has been recognized for their breakfast menu.

"We were recognized by The Daily Meal as having the best breakfast in Kansas. The smoked chicken hash benedict is probably one of the best breakfasts that a lot of people have ever had,"explains Mike.

He says they work with local farmers to bring the freshest ingredients possible. As a complimentary appetizer, Mike and Mary created applesauce donut-muffins that they serve to their customers.

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