Kraft prostitution arrest shines light on sex trafficking and illicit massage parlors

Rebecca Crockett
February 25, 2019 - 5:00 am

Kansas City, MO - The recent sex trafficking bust involving Patriots owner Robert Kraft is nothing new, says Lucy Bloom, executive director of Veronica's Voice.

Bloom says illicit massage parlors are a problem across the nation and right here in the KC Metro.

"It's common for men to choose places that solicit woman of Asian decent because they're raised to be submissive to men," says Bloom, "These woman are in terrible conditions, their legal documents kept from them, no transportation, or ability to communicate with the outside world." 

Research shows trafficked women can suffer PTSD to the level of a war veteran in a torture camp. 

Bloom says she applauds law enforcement's efforts to investigate these facilities, but it's the building of the networks that makes them so pliable.

She says they can set up, tear down and move very quickly, making it difficult for them to be investigated. 


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