Have 'ragrets'? A KC tattoo company offers a way to remove the bad ink job

Kara Marxer
February 06, 2019 - 8:33 pm

Kansas City, MO - Carol Baldwin had a red, white and blue ribbon tattooed on her hip to honor her US Marine unit that was deployed overseas a month after she got out.

The problem with it - the tattoo artist didn't do a good job.  She got the tattoo in 1991. 

"The irony of it is that she pushed so hard that all the colors ran, and the military saying is, "These colors don't run," and every time I looked at it I just couldn't take it anymore," says Baldwin.

She went to Invisible Ink to get it removed and now, she's got one session left until its all gone. They use a special laser to shatter the ink particles. 

"Think about it as going from boulders to rocks to pebbles to sand. Once it's in the sand stage, your body carries it away naturally," explains CEO Mike Stitt 

Most people are hesitant to remove their tattoo because it supposedly hurts.  But Carol says it wasn't painful.

As a Valentine's Day promotion the company is offering discounts to remove tattoos of names...to give you a fresh start.

Stitt says the average cost to remove a tattoo costs around $1500.

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