Few injuries reported with electric scooters in Kansas City

Rebecca Crockett
August 12, 2019 - 4:00 am



Kansas City, MO - It was around this time last year that the City entered into interim operating agreements with Bird and Lime scooter companies with a focus on safety. To date, Kansas City Fire Deputy Chief, Tom Collins says there's only been two traumatic injury reports on record. 

"We've had a couple broken bones, and those are the most major injuries that we've had. Most of them are scrapes, sprains, and bruising, explains Collins. 

Cities like Atlanta are looking into a mandatory shutoff time, due to multiple deaths involving vehicle collisions with the scooters at night. Collins says that hasn't been an issue here, but it doesn't mean there haven't been some issues.

"Just recently the Kansas City Police Department issued a ticket to a rider of a scooter that ran into one of their patrol cars and they issued him a DUI," says Collins. 

He says riding the scooters while inebriated increases the chance of injuring yourself or someone else. Tracy McDonald, program director of trauma at the University of Kansas Health system says another problem is people not wearing helmets.

"So we're seeing a few concussions, also, if the person isn't able to brace themselves, we're seeing some teeth knocked out, some nose fractures, explains McDonald. 

She says to ride sober and undistracted, meaning to put the phone away. She also suggests wearing reflective clothing to be visible and a helmet to reduce possible injuries. 

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