A food and retail park made of shipping containers opening in North Kansas City

Rebecca Crockett
August 22, 2019 - 4:00 am

Iron District


North Kansas City, MO - The Iron District is like a grassroots version of the Las Vegas Downtown Container Park.

Eighteen shipping containers are arranged on the corner of 16th Avenue and Iron Street and will become Northtown's  newest food and retail park.

Co-developer Rachel Kennedy says the park is visually stunning, with the containers painted different colors to match the retailers in the space.  

The district will have a bar called Tiki Huna with a stage for live music and a large courtyard, says Kennedy. "We're really focusing on local bands, local artists, and that's basically the focus of Iron District. 

She says it gives owners a good idea of how to run their own business with minimal risk. They can take the time at the park to prove their concept before taking the next step. 

There's even a rentable conference container outfitted with AV equipment and white boards.

Kennedy says, "It's for anyone coming to the sight to work, if they want to have a pitch, or if they want to rent it for a meeting space, it's rented by the hour." 

There's something for everyone when it comes to vendors, from Avolight, the Midwest's first avocado bar, to Safe Bakes, food that is free from the big eight allergens. 

The Iron District is scheduled to open sometime in September and will be open weekends with live entertainment and weekdays over the lunch hour. 

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