Cancer patients in KC Metro can soon access advanced form of radiation therapy

Rebecca Crockett
February 25, 2019 - 10:26 pm

University of Kansas Health System


Kansas City, MO - The University of Kansas Health System announced its planning to build a Proton Therapy Center in Kansas City. There is currently only 29 centers across the country with this technology, most of those on the east coast. 

President and CEO, Bob Page says that proton therapy is the most advanced form of radiation therapy for cancer patients. It works by pinpointing the radiation to the tumor with more precise accuracy, as opposed to conventional therapy that scatters radiation into the surrounding healthy tissue. 

"This type of proton particle, part of the nucleus, is delivered to the patient. When it hits the cancer, all of it's energy is dissipated in killing that cancer, causing that cancer cell to die," according to Doctor Terri Tsue, Vice President of the University Cancer Center.

President of the Kansas City division of the Health System, Tammi Petermin explains that there is a void for this kind of technology in the Midwest. By bringing the therapy center to Kansas, patients can receive treatment while staying close to home, which, according to Petermin is important in the treatment and healing process. 

This technology is especially important to pediatric patients and those with tumors in close proximity to vital organs, due to the precise delivery of the radiation.

Doctor Roy Jensen, Director of the Cancer Center describes the system as a two story machine that looks like a high tech CT scan. Each treatment can be completed in under twenty minutes. 

The University of Kansas doesn't yet have a launch date, but their hope is to be treating patients in the next 24 months. 

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