All fees are forgiven at the Kansas City Public Library

Rebecca Crockett
July 01, 2019 - 4:00 am



Kansas City, MO - Starting July first, the Kansas City Public Library will no longer charge overdue fines, and are forgiving all previous fines. Talia Evans with the Kansas City Public Library says they were holding people back from learning.

"We are very well aware that overdue fines, as small or as big as they may be, pose a real burden to some people and keep them away from the library," says Evans.

Due dates, however, do still apply. A book will be considered lost after 14 days late, but, if it's brought back, the fees are erased. If there is damage to the item, the fees have been cut in half.

The library is wiping out 250-thousand dollars in accrued fines, and opened access again to 9-thousand people whose cards were suspended.

The move was recommended by Director Crosby Kemper III and approved by the Library’s board of trustees. They feel it reinforces the Library’s mission, to provide access to knowledge for everyone. 

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