With FAA hurdle cleared, demolition could begin soon at KCI

Bill Grady
February 22, 2019 - 5:10 am

Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate


Kansas City, MO - Demolition could begin within weeks at Kansas City International Airport, now that the Federal Aviation Authority has completed its environmental assessment.

Meeting the FAA's environmental compliance requirements has been one of the hurdles to begin construction on a new single terminal at KCI, according to city officials.

In the meantime, design work on the new terminal continues at the Maryland-based contractor, Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate.

"Next week the city council will consider the development agreement, which allows Edgemoor to move forward on the $1.5 billion contract," said Troy Schulte, Kansas City city manager.

The development agreement includes a budget and term sheet in the hands of the major carriers that will use KCI. City aviation officials think it will be signed next week.

Edgemoor chief Geoffrey Stricker expects demolition equipment to move to Terminal A about four weeks after the agreement is passed by the full council.

"We would like to see a shovel going into the ground, maybe as early as late March or early April, and we're still on a timeframe for opening the terminal by the end of 2022," Schulte said.

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