Energy provider unfazed by EPA's repeal of Clean Power Plan

Michael Ronnebaum
October 13, 2017 - 7:08 am

Wester Energy officials say new guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency will not result in a major shift in fuel strategy.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt announced this week the government is overriding the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which placed strong regulations on coal-fired power plants in an effort to curb global warming. 

The change in policy does not affect Westar because the company has a commitment to renewable energy sources, said company spokeswoman Gina Penzit.

"We've been aware that the current administration was really looking at these rules for a while now, but we also have been following our path with our generation strategy of moving toward more renewable resources," Penzit said. 

Westar has its hand in 10 wind farms in Kansas. Penzit said renewable energy has resulted in more job opportunities. 

"Whether it might be constructing the wind farms or having wind technicians who are on-site to make sure the wind turbines are maintained," Penzit said. 

Westar is also looking at establishing solar energy collection farms in central and western Kansas. The company serves 700,000 homes and businesses in Kansas, a third of which get their energy through renewable outlets. 

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