Dr. Jeff Colyer could become fourth declared 2018 GOP candidate for Kansas governor

Bill Grady
June 21, 2017 - 7:05 am

State of Kansas


Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer of Kansas is hinting at a 2018 run for governor, and an official announcement could come soon.

Colyer, a physician from Hays, would join declared Republican candidates Jim Barnett, a former State Senator, Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Wink Hartman, a businessman from Wichita.  

Speaking to KMBZ in Overland Park, Colyer hinted at a date.

"I've been around Kansas politics now for a number of years," Colyer said. "On July 8, I would be the longest-serving lieutenant govenor in Kansas history -- there may be some hints and things coming up around then."

Colyer takes issue with opponents of Governor Sam Brownback's tax plan, which was largely rolled back by the legislators. He says Kansas unemployment is down to 3.7 percent, and he believes the tax cuts have resulted in job creation.

Democrats who have declared their intention to run for governor in 2018 are Carl Brewer, former Mayor of Wichita and Josh Svaty, a former Kansas Secretary of Agriculture and former State Representative.

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