Does the silence mean AIDS is no longer an issue?

Rebecca Crockett
September 16, 2019 - 4:00 am



Kansas City, MO - The HIV/AIDS epidemic is certainly not over. It's a world wide problem, but what about where you live. Data shows that in Missouri, about 12,000 people are living with AIDS right now, falling somewhere in the middle on the national scale. In Kansas, that number drops dramatically to nearly 3,000

The good news, infectious disease physician Dana Hawkinson with the University of Kansas Health System says there's new preventives to help reduce new numbers.

"The new pre-exposure prophylaxis, which is a pill that you can take to help prevent you from getting HIV if you're engaging in high-risk sexual behavior," says Dr Hawkinson. 

He also encourages, it's no longer a death sentence, but you must get checked and start treatment early. According to Dr Hawkinson,  "There are very good medications that you can take with very few side-effects, and there's been one pill, once a day for some time now." 

Those living with HIV/AIDS are living longer, healthy lives, similar to someone living with high blood pressure, or diabetes. 


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