Delays expected as MoDOT prepares to resume work on I-470 bridges

Jim Cunningham
February 22, 2018 - 4:33 am

Missouri Dept. of Transportation


Work is about to begin for the second phase of a major bridge replacement project along Interstate 470.

Crews will be shifting eastbound I-470 traffic to the westbound side of I-470 between Pryor Road and Blue Ridge Blvd as they continue to rehabilitate the eastbound bridges in that area.

Workers are doing all they can to limit traffic congestion, but there will be delays, said Steven Collyatt, assistant resident engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

"There are so many bridges that we're working on, if we broke it up to one or two bridges a year, we'd be there five to seven years, trying to get all this work done," Collyatt said. "We're doing multiple bridges at the same time to facilitate getting done quicker."

The traffic crossover will reduce I-470 to two lanes in each direction until late April, Collyatt said. There will be narrow shoulders in each direction. The immediate goal is to have pavement markings and barriers in place for the crossover by 5:00 a.m. Monday.

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