Crossroads restaurant takes food court concept and brings it home

KMBZ News Staff
November 26, 2018 - 7:06 am

The Parlor KC


The concept of the food court conjures up images of shopping malls, teenagers and a bustling atmosphere. 

A new business at 1707 Locust Street in the Crossroads aims to change that perception, with a home-like feel and options that almost anyone can agree on.

The Parlor KC is part of the food hall trend that is gaining popularity across the country. Designed with the concept of a house in mind, there are several different spaces inspired by rooms in a typical home.

"There are seven different restaurants inside this one restaurant," said Matthew Hufft, designer and architect. "We didn't want to feel like a typical food hall, which would be a large, central atrium, with restaurants surrounding that. We wanted to break it up and get more variety to the design."

Customers seem to like the food and the dining concept. 

"The atmosphere is very relaxed," said one woman who dined at the Parlor. "There's a very inviting environment here, and it's very true to the Crossroads spirit."

Like a lot of trends, the modern food court concept started on the coasts several years ago, Hufft said. The parlor KC features 2 large bars and a range of food options from sandwiches to Middle Eastern to gourmet pizza.


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