Close vote expected on Edgemoor MOU for KCI terminal project

Bill Grady
February 08, 2018 - 4:29 am

Kansas City, MO - Managers at Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate say they have been working hard to meet expectations ahead of a high-stakes vote by the KCMO City Council on the new terminal project at the Kansas CIty Internationl Airport.

"My focus is just been on meeting the requests from city council, putting forward the best MOU we can and making sure we're addressing each and every city council member's issues and concerns," said Geoffrey Stricker, Edgemoor managing director.

Edgemoor has been negotiating a memorandum of understanding (MOU), a blueprint for the process of organizing and building the $1 billion facility. The first version of the MOU was rejected. Kansas City voters last fall approved the council's recommendation to hire the Maryland-based developer.   

Council insiders say Thursday's vote will be close, which leads some to ask how long the project would be delayed if the new MOU is defeated. 

Edgemoor is ready to continue talks if it gets the thumbs down, Stricker said.

Seven yes votes are needed to get to the next round.

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