Charity workers fear for homeless in bitter cold weather

Bill Grady
January 29, 2019 - 7:24 am

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With dangerously cold temperatures headed to Kansas City, homeless people are left with few options.

Outreach programs provide stop gap services, said Kathy Dean, president of Uplift, a local non-profit group that takes food and clothing to the homeless.

"We just try to keep them alive until somebody can reach down and pick them up," Dean said. "Unfortunately, it doesn't happen that often, because the need is great, but the resources are few."

Shelters fill up quickly when the cold is so bitter. 

Many homeless will not seek lodging because they lack the mental capacity to make rational decisions. 

Uplift volunteers face emotional struggles, knowing that when they reach out to a person in need in extreme conditions, it may be the last time they ever see them, Dean said.

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