Chamber of Commerce pushes single-terminal concept for KCI

Bill Grady
June 19, 2017 - 5:09 am

While the city is still planning on a November vote to gauge public approval for improvements at Kansas City International Airport, the Chamber of Commerce is asserting its influence. 

The Chamber believes a one-terminal setup would benefit the business community. 

The organization is making educational presentations at its headquarters and elsewhere, said Joe Reardon, president of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

"So we're doing that in every way, we're going to businesses, having direct presentations, providing information to some businesses so share with their employees," Reardon said.

The Chamber is not relying on tracking polls to determine if one terminal is the more popular option, but interest is growing, Reardon said. 

For some, there is a strong sentimental attachment to the current KCI configuration, especially when it comes to convenience. 

Although the November vote would technically be non-binding, Mayor Sly James has pledged that the will of the people would be respected.

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