CDC stats show the flu is spreading, sporadic for now

Kara Marxer
October 16, 2018 - 5:33 am

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The latest Flu Map from the Centers for Disease Control shows flu cases are on the rise and sporadic activity is already reported across most of the country. 

That does not necessarily mean we are in for a severe season like the last one.

"It's not unusual to see sporadic activity in October," said Dr. Todd Fristo at St. Luke's Hospital. 

The flu season may not be as severe as it was last winter, as things stand now, Fristo said. Doctors look at data from Australia for clues because the North American flu season tends to follow the same pattern.

"The recent data I looked at this year in Australia haven't been as severe as they had the year before," Fristo said. "I think at this point, we're not thinking it's going to be like last year, but it's so unpredictable sometimes."

The U.S. has already seen its first death from influenza. According to television station WTSP, an unvaccinated child died from flu complications in Florida. 

At least 183 children died from the flu last season.

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