CDC advises throwing out romaine lettuce because of E. coli outbreak

Marc LaVoie
November 21, 2018 - 4:39 am

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A multi-state E. coli outbreak has been linked to romaine lettuce and health officials are telling people to throw it away. 

At least 32 people have been infected with the bacteria in 11 states. Officials in Canada have reported an additional 32 illnesses linked to E. coli. More than a dozen of the victims had to be taken to hospitals. One reportedly suffered kidney failure.

The bacteria should be taken seriously, said Bryan Severns, food programs manager at Kansas State University's Olathe extension.

"The five-dollar package of lettuce us nothing compared to having you child in the hospital with kidney failure over the holidays because of an E. coli outbreak," Severns said. 

The Centers for Disease control advises consumers not to eat any form of romain lettuce, and they urge restaurants to stop serving and selling the product until more is learned about the outbreak.

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