Budget flap intensifies between Frank White, Jackson County Legislature

Bill Grady
January 10, 2018 - 6:26 am

Jackson County legislators have hired outside counsel to challenge what some believe is County Executive Frank White's attempt at an end run around the recently-passed budget.

White vetoed several items on the budget, but the legislature overrode some vetoes.

Some executive employees continue to show up for work, even though their positions were eliminated, said Dan Tarwater, 4th District Legislator.

"He has about $600,000 in staff people and we're not exactly sure what they do," Tarwater said. "That money would be much better spent on some of the employees that work hard every day, and some of those people are on food stamps."

White has ignored the mandate transferring the anti-drug program COMBAT to the office of Jean Peters Baker, county prosecutor. COMBAT program officials have reportedly been told to ignore directives that come from White's office. 

Legislators have said they hope to meet with White next week in an attempt to clear the air, but a court filing seems more likely.

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