Blue Valley schools add technology to beef up security at front doors

Kara Marxer
October 17, 2018 - 6:07 am

Blue Valley School District


Blue Valley schools are adding more security to their front doors and requiring visitors to show photo identification.

The district is slowly adding buzz-in systems at its facilities this school year. There are about 10 schools that do not have cameras and intercoms at their entrances.

Joining other metro school districts, schools in Blue Valley are now asking parents to show an ID before they can be buzzed into the lobby. The technology is just one more layer of security, said Dan Carney, director of security for the district. 

"The idea behind showing the ID, as a general principle, people with bad intentions, those who commit crimes, are not interested in you knowing who they are," Carney said. 

The cameras are also designed to help the front desk staff be alerted to any possible threats before someone can make it inside the building.

Parents who do not bring identification will not be allowed in, but staffers can still release students to go outside. They also have made arrangements for parents without ID to drop off items that their kids have forgotten.

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