Blue Valley School District to expand innovative Chinese language program

Kara Marxer
December 14, 2017 - 4:28 am

The Blue Valley Unified School District is expanding its Chinese language immersion program to a second site. 

Kindergartners at Wolf Springs Elementary School spend half their days learning in English and the other half in Chinese.

The program has been in operation for almost a semester. Administrators are impressed with the students' progress.

"I was in there on the first day and to go in there just two weeks later, and to see the amount of language that they already had -- what they were able to do -- it's truly amazing," said Tonya Merrigan, Blue Valley Chief Learning Officer.

The school board this week voted to expand the Chinese immersion program to a second school, Valley Park Elementary, in the northern part of the district, next year.

Students whose parents are interested in the program will be chosen by lottery.

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