Belton auctioneers gain global attention with sale of historic collectibles

Bill Grady
August 03, 2018 - 5:53 am

In some ways Mayo Auctions and Realty put Belton, Missouri on the international map.

The company sells a little of everything, from dump trucks to farm implements, said Robert Mayo, co-owner.

Word of mouth advertising has led to a steady business that receives leads from numerous sources.

"Families who have these collections, who know we have a history of selling historic items, have contacted us," Mayo said. "We also do some work for attorneys and entities where they'll contact us."

Sometimes the Mayo auctions reach back into the area's rich history. 

"A few years ago we closed the Kansas City Club that was downtown and we sold Harry Truman's poker table, which was pretty neat," Mayo said. "We also sold a radio that was gifted to (Truman) from a Japanese consulate after World War II."

Recently the company made headlines as far away as Australia when it sold items associated with the notorious bankrobbers Bonnie and Clyde, including a submachine gun for $130,000.

Mayo remains viable by staying up with the times. Most people who participate in modern auctions submit their bids with their smart phones.

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