Bad luck on Friday the 13th? Not at Midtown Tattoo, where the unlucky day is a festival

KMBZ News Staff
September 13, 2019 - 5:59 am

Brian Lock / KMBZ


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With ink guns blazing, the artists at Midtown Tattoo will have quite the situation on their hands on Friday.

Friday the 13th is a notoriously unlucky anti-holiday, but for those looking for a little bit of ink, it's the perfect day to get something special...and save a little money.

Brian Lock / KMBZ

Mahi Shilbaya is an artist at Midtown Tattoo, where he told KMBZ that you can get tatted for just $20, only on Friday the 13th. And people wait in line for how long?

"Hours. We've had people wait in line for up to eight, nine hours [on Friday the 13th>, just to get a small tattoo," Shilbaya said. 

According to Shilbaya, tattoos celebrating the unlucky number '13' go way back, and shops like Midtown Tattoo run specials across the country every year on Friday the 13th. 

"Back in the day, sailors would get '13' tattooed on them, as a kind of antidote for bad luck," Shilbaya explained. "But the whole Friday the 13th brought in the suspicious part of that, and tattoo shops have capitalized on that."

When you arrive at at the shop, you'll be able to choose from a sheet of dozens of small tattoos designed by one of Midtown's 13 artists, and special guest artists for the day.

If you want to get inked on Friday the 13th, though, plan to stand in line for a while. 

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