Ashcroft in KC: Missouri ready to help voters comply with new photo ID law

Bill Grady
July 26, 2017 - 5:58 am

Missouri's secretary of state is spreading the word about the state's new photo ID law.

Sixty-three percent of Missouri voters approved the state constitutional amendment that requires photo IDs at the polls.

Provisions in the law allow voting for people who have only a utility bill, a paycheck or a sworn statement of identity.

Jay Ashcroft stopped in Kansas City Tuesday to tell voters the state is ready to help people who have concerns about the law, and to direct folks who want more information to a state-run website with information for voters.

"We're asking everything that hears that message to help us promulgate it," Ashcroft said. "We want as many voices to be heard in the election as possible. We think that's how we'll get the best answers, the best decision."

Ashcroft said last month as the law took effect that backup provisions would allow every eligible voter to cast a ballot.

Photo IDs that will be accepted at polling places are government issued drivers licenses, non-driver's licenses, passports or military identification.


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