Area trauma centers report large number of fireworks-related injuries

Jim Cunningham
July 06, 2018 - 6:06 am

Emergency rooms across the Kansas City region reported large numbers of patients who had been injured in fireworks accidents.

Since Saturday, at least 90 patients were either treated or admitted for injuries. Many people showed up with minor burns. Two people had amputations; one person lost a hand and the other lost fingers.

The HCA Health System, which includes Overland Park Regional, Menorah, Lees Summit and Research Medical Centers, has seen 53 patients, six of whom had serious to critical injuries.

One big change is the percentage of patients who are adults. 

"The data that we have show that about two percent of burns are related to children who are 18 and under, and the rest have been adults, which is much changed from last year, where we saw 20 percent of children being injured," said Dr. Megan Garcia, medical director at the Grossman Burn Center.

The Burnett Burn Center at the University of Kansas Hospital reported 25 patients with fireworks-related injuries since Saturday. There were 12 at Children's Mercy.

Hospitals and burn centers likely will see another spike in patients today and into next week as people notice their burns have gotten worse, aren't healing or have become infected, Dr. Garcia said.

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