Are the new 'pop-up' bars in KC just another fad?

KMBZ News Staff
October 03, 2019 - 6:07 am

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You may have heard the buzz about Miracle, The Fall and Something Wicked - all seasonal pop-up bars in Kansas City. 

Temporary, or pop-up, bars is a growing trend in KC and across the nation.  Are these just another fad, or something that'll last.  

Joann Spiegel says they're a phenomenon that's here to stay. 

Spiegel is the founder of Miracle and Sippin' Santa, both of which will 'pop-up' in Kansas City this winter. 

"More people are doing them, more benefits are being seen from them," Spiegel said. "Not just the experience event for the guests, but obviously the financial benefit for the host as well, of doing something that drives traffic and spotlights your location."

In the age of Instagram, people are always looking for the hottest and newest experiences to take part in. That, according to Spiegel, has helped take the pop-up trend to new heights. 

"We are in a digital world, and creating a location, that no matter from, you know, where you're standing or what you're doing, that it's already telling a story. No matter what you capture whilst you're there."

So if you're looking for a themed bar experience for Halloween, head over to Something Wicked in Westport, or Apparition in North KC.

But they're only around until early November, when they close to make way for Christmas and holiday themed pop-ups.

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