Architect reveals newest KCI design renderings

Kara Marxer
August 17, 2018 - 4:58 am

Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate


New design concepts are out for the single terminal KCI.  

Unveiling new conceptual designs to the airport committee yesterday, architect Jordan Pierce said they want the new terminal to be open and airy, and efficient.

"We're ensuring that the gates remain as close to the check-in hall as they possibly can, that your walking distance to the terminal is as short as they can be, and that we maintain that convenience that's at the heart of Kansas City today," Pierce said.

Edgemoor, the contractor, is also adding automation to the security lines to bring the trays to the passengers. Desiners are adding large restrooms with outswinging doors so travelers can bring take luggage inside.

The public gets its chance to weigh in on the new designs during several open houses next month.

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