Approved budget increases spending for Kansas City Police Department

Council denies a request for another $1.7 million

Bill Grady
March 24, 2017 - 8:12 am

City of Kansas City, MO


Kansas City's new budget has been approved, and officers in the police department did not get everything they wanted.

The city council voted "NO" on a request by Local 99 of the Fraternal Order of Police for an additional $1.7 million in KCPD spending. 

The budget is friendly to public safety, however. The Kansas City Star reports the police department's budget is expected to grow to $250.8 million, an increase of about 3.4 percent. 

The Fire Department budget is projected to grow by about 7.2 percent, to $166.3 million.

The police budget was coinidentally approved one day after Chief Darryl Forte announced his retirement. The payout for Forte's contract is expected to be in the neighborhood of $500,000.

Local 99 FOP president Brad Lemon did not assume there was a link between the chief's hefty payout and the denial for additional funding.

"It would be frustrating if that's true but the city tells us that's not true," Lemon said. "The Board of Police Commission is going to have to try to find a way to locate that half a million dollars and pay it out of existing funds."

A major concern for Lemon is staffing. He said the KCPD is down 100 officers. 

Lemon expects more people to leave the department but he will continue to work with the council in looking for other sources of revenue.

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