New Kansas chief justice wants change, but will legislators go along?

Marla Luckert succeeds retiring Chief Justice Lawton Nuss

AP News Staff
December 24, 2019 - 11:35 am
Photograph of judge's gavel and statuette of blindfolded lady justice

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Kansas' new chief justice plans to push for changes aimed at helping veterans and the mentally ill, and she expects to press for a big budget increase. 

But the Kansas Supreme Court that Marla Luckert leads faces a Republican-controlled Legislature that's been sharply critical of the court. Luckert became the court system's top official last week, and her agenda includes expanding special courts that try to treat the underlying problems facing veterans, the mentally ill and drug abusers. 

Some lawmakers remain wary because of the court's past rulings protecting abortion and forcing increases in education funding.

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