Anger is building at the Jackson County Jail

Growing tensions between legislators

Bill Grady
November 29, 2017 - 6:36 am

Legislator Crystal Williams thinks corrections director Joe Piccinini should go, and says if this were corporate America, heads would have rolled.

She also thinks some members of county executive Frank White's staff should be shown the door, but didn't name names.

"I think we see this sometimes in government that people that don't appear to have the competency still continue to still have the jobs."  Williams says, "I'm just frustrated that it's in my world too right now."

There have been growing tensions between legislators and White's chief of staff Caleb Clifford but the legislature can't fire him. Budget negotiations are now underway and one option under consideration is pulling the funding for the executive staff. However, Clifford has White's support.

One legislator said, while trouble is brewing between White and the legislature, the focus should be the jail, and for it, not much us getting done. 

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