Alcohol enforcement agents use new technology to bust fake ID users

Kara Marxer
September 06, 2018 - 4:40 am

The Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control is cracking down on fake IDs.

The state has signed a contract with Intellicheck, a new app that allows officers to autheniticate drivers licenses and other forms of identification.

For $60 online, an underage person can obtain an authentic-looking, working fake ID that has the user's photo. Newer fake ID's are so sophisticated, they include a barcode on the back that will scan and bring up the same information that is printed on the front of the card. They are common in bars and restaurants that cater to patrons in their 20s.

"We can guarantee with 100 percent certainty in basically less than a second that it is a valid, government-issued ID," said Bryan Lewis, CEO of Intellicheck, the maker of a system that checks the barcode against a state's motor vehicle records.

"We can authenticate that that barcode matches with 100 percent certainty the state-mandated format," Lewis said.

A pilot test showed that 32 percent of Kansas ID's checked with the Intellicheck system turned up to be phony. 

ABC agents using the app will reportedly focus on college towns.

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